Joe Robinson leads incisive webinars that provide training on work-life balance, improving effectiveness, and controlling daily challenges such as stress and information overload.  
Lose Stress Now
January 20, 2015 - $29.95
Stress hides in plain sight, destroying health and work, and if we don't catch it now, we pay later. Stress suppresses the immune system, increasing the bad cholesterol and decreasing the good kind. Chronic stress can lead to heart attacks strokes, back pain, IBS, insomnia, depression, and a long list of serious health issues. It also drives bad decisions, mistakes, and conflicts by hijacking your rational brain. The good news is that you can stop it in its tracks now, because stress is optional. This program will give you proven processes to challenge and reframe stress. Switch off the false danger signals, and the stress response stops in four minutes. Don't take stress. Take charge today.
All webinars start at 6:00 p.m. Pacific time, 8:00 p.m. Central, and 9:00 p.m. Eastern.

Best Practices for Less Stress, Smarter Work

You’re a webinar away from a more productive and less stressed life. Move out of overload, overwhelm and the defaults that lead to chronic stress. Chart a path for more effective work with the strategies you'll learn in our webinars, approaches proven by the research to work a lot better than autopilot and simply reacting to devices and interruptions. Reflex mode amps up anxiety and chaos. Peak performance is not about being a blur. It's about being more effective, knowing which task practices work and which drive our work and health over the cliff.

Our live web seminars give you the proactive solutions of Sustainable Performance, strategies you can put to work immediately to dramatically improve your work-life. Get the edge on email overload, beat the automatic stress cycle and work smarter to avoid habits that drive anxiety, time sinks, and bottlenecks. Why not start now with a convenient webinar on an issue key to your work-life?

Here's what attendees of Joe's sessions are saying:
  • "The session was about real-life challenges. I would recommend it to anyone whose business success is constrained by work-life balance issues."
  • "Joe provided great actionable advice. The content was very relevant to me as it's easy to allow work to become all-consuming."
  • "I would definitely recommend Joe to others. This session more than addressed the concerns I've been having."
Solve chronic work obstacles, improve your performance and attention, and carve out a more balanced life. Join Joe for a webinar (see schedule at left) that will give you the tools to thrive and stay calm amid the storm.

Don't miss this chance to learn techniques that have helped thousands get work under control and their lives back.

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For your convenience, webinars are scheduled on weeknights—6 p.m. West Coast, 9 p.m. East Coast time. Once you've reserved your space, you'll get a private dial-in number and access code.
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