A "Lively, Compelling, and
Very Important" Book

"Noting that the overpowering stresses of work are inspiring farmhouse fantasies in every cubicle, Robinson has a mission: to spread his practical philosophy for crafting a working life that is so rewarding, we no longer seek escape." –Fast Company

"Should be on EVERY manager's list. It should be part of best practices in every company."
Advertising Week

"The book inspired me to look at things differently in my world, and it can do the same for you...A lively, compelling and very important book."
–Jay Walljasper, co-author of Visionaries: People and Ideas to Change Your Life
There's a healthier, and more productive, road to success—Sustainable Performance.

Find out how it can optimize your work and energize your life.

Working on rote reflex drives stress, time urgency, and information overload. You can make adjustments to how you do your tasks that can transform your work and life.

Follow the science and best practices to a smarter way to work.

$19.95 Plus Shipping


Yes, there’s a lot to get done, but there’s no compelling reason to do it in a way that’s unsustainable. Find out how you can change default habits that drive overload and adjust tasks that push coping system to the limit.

  • Overcome job burnout
  • Stop stress in its tracks
  • Be more productive
  • Control information overload
  • Redesign task bottlenecks
  • Set boundaries
  • Increase attention and focus
  • Activate life outside the office

You can be productive AND have a life.
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