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The Way Out of Stress and Overload

Get practical tools you can put to work right away to beat stress and overwhelm and be more productive. Joe Robinson shows you the critical adjustments that dramatically improve effectiveness, lower anxiety, and get drains like email overload under control. You'll get solutions based on the latest science proven to work. Spend an hour with Joe, and you'll get a lifetime of benefits. Sign up today. Details...


Small Group or Budget? Go Video

If you've got a small group of budget, you can fall between the cracks of expertise and resources. Now you can get full trainings from Joe Robinson in work-life balance, stress management, and sustainable performance through Skype video seminars. It's a great solution for smaller or more informal events. Skype video presentations can provide a great deal of interactivity, accommodating breakouts, exercises and discussion. For a quick and cost-effective way to get the workshop you need, sign up for a video training. More...

Stress Is Optional

Learn how to overcome the obstacles to your success and health and make stress optional. Joe gives you practical tools proven by the research to get results. Clients often say that working with Joe is one of the best moves they ever made. Invest in your health and future. Stress increases the bad cholesterol, decreases the good cholesterol and suppresses your immune system. Call 310-392-9580 today for a free consultation. Don't wait till it's too late. Refer a friend and get 30% off. More...
"Joe taught me tools to deal with stress––tools I use every day. Our work together has been life-changing."
Robyn O.
Innovative Programs That Get Stress Down, Engagement Way Up

Like marathon runners, organizations and the people in them can hit the wall when attention and energy are missing in action. Attention is the essence of employee engagement, and it's under siege from information overload, stress, and the crisis mentality they create. More and more employee surveys are pointing to work-life balance as an improvement opportunity. Restore full employee engagement and prevent burnout with a Work-Life Balance or Stress Management training from Joe Robinson. Push the reset button with practical, sustainable strategies proven by the research to improve performance and attention, cut stress, and increase job and life satisfaction. Unleash the source of true productivity—a refreshed and energized brain. Details...
"The most popular talk we've had in the last three years."
––Shari Morwood
Vice-President, IBM


Packed with the latest research and best-practice tools, "Work to Live" provides real-world strategies that optimize performance and effectiveness. Find out how to adjust tasks and change default habits that push coping systems to the limit with Joe Robinson’s acclaimed road map to sustainable performance.

This book should be on EVERY manager’s list. It should be part of best practices in every company.
–– Advertising Week


Connect with Joe Robinson for your conference and training needs. His programs solve your problems with practical research-based solutions.

Services include:
  • Trainings - Work-Life Balance, Employee Engagement
  • Keynotes for company conferences and retreats
  • Keynotes for associations and trade organizations
  • Trainings - Stress Management
  • Trainings - Productivity and Email/Information Overload
  • Consulting Services - Task Redesign for WLB, Stress Management
  • Executive Coaching
Control E-mail!
The E-Mail Overload Survival Kit

Every e-mail you send results in an average of six e-mails—three going, three coming back. They're like rabbits. They proliferate. It's time to spay and neuter e-mail. Put an end to message overload with “The E-mail Overload Survival Kit,” Joe’s audio program to manage out-of-control messaging. The stress levels will drop, the anarchy will stop, and you will be more in charge of your work and life. Get practical strategies you can put to work today. More...

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